Below are just SOME of the events the Good Neighbor Program has sponsored so far this year.  Partnering with non-profit organizations which offer services related to providing health, wellness, education, and social programs, the Good Neighbor program has been able to reach and serve tens of thousands neighbors throughout our community.



In July we began our Youth League Baseball tournaments, a series of 20 tournaments comprised of youngsters from our communities. The program sponsors these tournaments aware of that baseball teaches young players teamwork, responsibility and affords them an opportunity to enjoy the game in an organized and safe environment.



Everyone deserves the most valuable gift of all–good health. And that was what the Plainfield fair was all about, offering free health screenings as well as providing fund for the kids. Despite the overcast weather, this year the Plainfield health fair was still well attended.



Contestant from all over came to test their culinary skills in our annual cook-off.This is an event held in conjunction with the Staten Island Advance where we request recipes from consumers and we submit them into our “recipe swap” contest.  We then select winners at an award ceremony  held in February.  We also make a donation to the Staten Island  Children’s Fund, an organization that supports educational and health awareness programs.  Cookbooks derived from the recipe swap are  published and distributed throughout NYC and at all our store locations.



Reaching our Dreams is a partnership of the Good Neighbor program and Save Latin America aiming to reduce dropout rates of students in our community. The program is widely recognized throughout the New York metropolitan area as a highly successful mentoring effort.